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Some Terms when dealing with PCB

*Annular ring-the ring of exposed copper around a hole in PCB

*Drill Hole Size-the size of the drill hole in PCB

*DRC(Design Route Check)-Software Check to make sure the design does not contain errors

*Mouse bites/Perforated Breakaway tabs-Alternate to V-Cut for separating boards from Panel. A number of drill hits are clustered close together, creating a weak spot where the board can be broken easily after the assembly

*V-Cut(V-Groove)-Another way beside Mouse bites to separating boards from Panel. It is less strong than Mouse bits but easier to break with hand and are easier to make. however V-Cut is only suitable for board with straigth cuts

*Pad-A Portion of expose metal on the PCB which can be soldered on.

*Panel-A large PCB composed of many smaller PCBs which will be broken apart before use.

*Paste Stencil-A thin metal which lies over the board, allowing solder paste to be deposited for assembly.

*Plane-A block of copper on a PCB layer,define by a borders. Normally connected to GND, often used as shielding

*Plated thru hole-A hole which has an annular ring which is plated .Used as connection pt for through hole components a via or mountiung hole

*Silkscreen-Letters, number or symbol on a PCB, Usually white, often used as indicator for components

*Solder Mask- A protective material that laid over PCB board to prevent short cicuits, corrosion. Normally green in color(white for LED PCB)

*Thermal Relief Track- A track connected to a plane so that it is easier to solder than directly connected

*Track/Trace- Metal path connecting 2 pads

*Via(V-Groove)-a pad in the board that is used to pass a signal from one layer to another. It can be untented(uncovered by Soldermask) or tented(covered)

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